DPNSEE participation on Rational Drug Regulations Conference

From 4 to 6 October in Brno, Czech Republic, the Conference on Rational Drug Regulation was held, organised by A.N.O. – Asociace nestatnichne ziskovych organizaci a Spolecnost Podaneruce o.p.s

The conference had an aim to start the dialogue and question social, political and professional attitudes that are going through phase of change that we can witness. At the states level we see examples of changing policies regarding cannabis for example, but on the other hand we still see policymakers practice the so call war on drugs. Rationality of Drug Regulations Conference aimed to open space for the dialogue regarding how these trends are reflecting on the local level? How are the local governments, relevant activist groups or organisations, activist groups, police forces, schools dealing with this changing situations? The Conference aimed primarily at professionals; however, it was also open to members of public interested in the topics.

Within the panel “Harm reduction: Between professionalization and activism”, DPNSEE Staff member Irena Molnar was representing the cases of SEE, and from this point of view she was presenting case study “Serbia’s Drug Policy Crossroad – Will EU accession period bring more balanced approach to (recreational) drug use?“

The conference also discussed topics on: How are these trends reflected at the local level? How are they advocated, explained and interpreted by the general public? What direct experience do the specific villages, towns, neighbourhoods, and streets have with these? How are the local governments, relevant organizations, activist groups, police forces, schools or helping network services dealing with the changing situation of the drug regulation?

More about conference program and keynote speakers you can find on the conference website. Also, check the book of abstracts