Consultative meetings to build the Action Plan for Youth

In accordance with the principles of youth policy and the current practice in the preparation of regulations and public policies, the Ministry of Youth and Sports invited everyone interested, and especially young people, representatives of youth and for youth organisations, as well as local youth offices, to become involved in the process of drafting future three-year Action Plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy. Consultative meetings provided an opportunity to jointly review the results achieved by the Strategy so far, and to define a priority proposal for the period until 2020. Through a series of 5 meetings, aim was to together with young people and those who represent their interests, define the proposals of activities, measures and indicators for the next Action Plan.

Consultative meetings were organized by following themes:

  • Employability and employment of young people,
  • Development of competences and active participation of young people in society,
  • Health, well-being and safety of youth,
  • Information, Culture and Youth Mobility and
  • Social inclusion of youth from categories at risk of social exclusion.

DPNSEE representatives participated in the meetings on Health, well/being and safety and also Social inclusion, two the most relalevant areas to our mission. Our member organisastions Prevent and Re Generacija participated in various conslutations too.

Each consultation was organised in two sections. First was evaluation of the work done over three specific objectives, using the indicators of results to be achieved by the Action Plan 2015 to 2017. The second part of the meeting was focused on the discussion of measures and possible new indicators and expected results related to the specific goals of the Youth Action Plan in the period from 2018 to 2020. The conclusions of the meeting can be seen as the guidelines that are showing which points of the Action Plan are considered as the most important in this next phase. However, sharp criticism regarding indicators of the previous action plan points out that they should be more carefully set up.