The Board

The DPNSEE Board

The Board is responsible for managing the Network. It is responsible for all duties not assigned to another body of the Network by the Statutes.

The composition of the Board reflects the entire diversity (geographical, gender, ethnic) of the Network. At least one Board member is a person from the community of people affected by drugs. Since the last annual meeting of the General Assembly, held on 10 December 2018, members of the Board are:

Nebojša Djurasović

President of The Board

Nebojša Djurasović is a president of the Association Prevent, from Novi Sad, Serbia and Certified Coordinator of youth work programs

Nicoleta Dascălu

Vice President of the Board

Nicoleta Dascălu is the Advocacy manager and one of founding members of ARAS – The Romanian Association against SIDA

Marios Atzemis

Member of the Board

Marios Atzemis is the Harm reduction worker at Positive Voice, Greece and Consultant at European AIDS Treatment Group

Besnik Hohxa

Member of the Board

Besnik Hohxa is the Clinical psychologist at Aksion Plus, Albania

Berina Bahić

Member of the Board

Berina Bahić is the Project coordinator and Head of Regional office Tuzla at Margina, Bosnia Herzegovina

Marija Mijović

Member of the Board

Marija Mijović is the Deputy Coordinator of the Direct Assistance Program at Juventas, Montenegro

Zharin Simrin

Member of the Board

Zharin Simrin, User Activist, is the Coordinator and Assistant for Needle Exchange at HOPS, North Macedonia