Reitox – European information network on drugs and drug addiction

Reitox is the European information network on drugs and drug addiction created at the same time as the EMCDDA. Reitox directly contributes to the EMCDDA’s core task of collecting and reporting consistent, harmonised and standardised information on the drug phenomenon across Europe. Members of the Reitox network are designated national institutions or agencies responsible for data collection and reporting on drugs and drug addiction. These institutions are called ‘national focal points’ or ‘national drug observatories’. The National Focal Points (NFP) is also help improve data collection methodologies and tools, and develop relevant guidelines for their implementation. The NFPs participate in the Early warning system and report to the EMCDDA on new trends in the use of existing psychoactive substances and/or new consumption patterns involving combinations of psychoactive substances which pose a potential public health risk.The three core functions of a national focal point are: data collection and monitoring; analysis and interpretation of data collected; reporting and dissemination of the results at national level.