Vision of a Europe for Health

In 2019, in the run of the European Elections, Coalition PLUS and its European Platform released a document called “Our Vision of a Europe for Health” endorsed by 56 NGOs.

Because the war on drugs is tougher than ever and keeps failing people’s access to care, the initiators have decided to update their 2019 Manisfesto, with a version focused on Decriminalization and Harm reduction. It will be used to reach out to candidates for the European Parliament.

The Manifesto (linked here>>>) will be available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian.

DPNSEE and several our member organisations have supported this Manifesto.

If you want to join us, send a message to Stéphan Vernhes ( with:

  • a contact name that won’t appear on the document
  • the full name of their NGO
  • a high-definition logo of their NGO
  • and then a simple sentence: “I agree that the name and logo of my organisation are used and displayed in support of the Coalition PLUS European Platform’s 2024 European Parliament Elections Manifesto”.

The deadline to sign it is Monday 8th April at 1pm (Brussels time).