The Board

The DPNSEE Board

The Board is responsible for managing the Network. It is responsible for all duties not assigned to another body of the Network by the Statutes.

The composition of the Board reflects the entire diversity (geographical, gender, ethnic) of the Network. At least one Board member is a person from the community of people affected by drugs. Since the last annual meeting of the General Assembly, held on 10 December 2018, members of the Board are:

Nebojša Djurasović

President of The Board

Nebojša Djurasović is a president of the Association Prevent, from Novi Sad, Serbia and Certified Coordinator of youth work programs, with sixteen years of experience in the field of drug issues.

He is very experienced trainer and manager with extensive experience in direct practical work with youth and various marginalized and vulnerable groups and lobbying and advocating for their inclusion.

During his career he got excellent experience in fundraising and implementing many national, regional and international projects.

Denis Dedajić

Vice President of the Board

Denis Dadajić is a president of the Association Margina from Bosnia since 2003. He organized and provided training and consulting services to over 200 events in his career.

He gained extensive experience and expertise in working with particularly vulnerable and hard to reach populations (drug users, sex workers, prisoners), and completed over 3,000 individual counseling sessions with these populations, the purpose of their treatment and testing for HIV / AIDS and other blood-transmitted infections.

Denis was the trainer for trainers for Outreach Workers for KAP, Trainer for trainers for HIV / AIDS Counsellors, Consultant for Prison Care, Head of many field survey and study’s about KAP etc.

Marios Atzemis

Member of the Board

Marios Atzemis graduated on Athens College in 1992 and from the American College of Greece in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology).

He has been a substance user for many years. In his social reintegration of the rehab unit 18 Ano, he actively participated in the activist group “Collective Actions of Social Solidarity” with his peers but also with the therapists of the unit. At that time he began to publish his texts on web-sites and scientific publications, but also to make web radio and webtv broadcasts by communicating his experience as a former IDU seropositive person.

Since the summer of 2014, Marios has been working for the Greek Association of People Who Live With HIV ‘’Positive Voice’’ in harm reduction actions for people who use drugs. He has attended and has participated in numerous sessions and meetings both in Greece and abroad. He speaks openly about his history as a user as well as about his HIV co-infection with HVC he faces because he thinks that it breaks the invisibility and silence surrounding his community of origin. The invisibility kills faster than any retrovirus, and any substance and the goal is to minimize it.

Sanja Šišović

Member of the Board

Sanja Šišović comes from the NGO Cazas, from Podgorica, Montenegro.She has been active member of CAZAS but also educator and trainer on healthy life styles and drugabuse.

Since 2011 she is managing different HIV prevention programs and Harm reduction programs for PWID, RE and youth at risk.

Currently she is covering position of Program manager with authorities and responsibilities to manage programs including public health program, support to vulnerable groups program, harm reduction program and capacity building program.

Tomaž Koren

Member of the Board

Ilinka Serdarević

Member of the Board

Ilinka Serdarević, medical doctor and ECP psychotherapist, is the President of the Terra Association from Rijeka, Croatia. Since 2000, she has been working professionally at the Terra Association as an executive director and project manager of the Program for the reduction of health and social consequences of taking drugs. At Terra Association, she is also a professional associate at the Counseling Center for Youth with drug consumption problems and other behavioral disorders. At the counseling centre, she works with individuals, couples and families in need for psychotherapeutical help.

She has a great experience working with all marginalized and vulnerable groups. She is a member of the Croatian National HIV / AIDS committee.

Ilinka is also the Vice President of the Association for Cybernetics of Psychotherapy and Organization. She is the coordinator of the School of Cybernetics and Systemic Therapy since 2007, and she is the principal of the School since 2015.

Safet Blakaj

Member of the Board

Safet Blakaj is the Executive Director of Labyrinth, from Prishtina, since 2002. He has a Master Degree in Defectology and he speaks Albanian, Serbian and English.

As a Psychologist he worked at the Kosovo Correctional Service in Prishtina and continued his career as Coordinator of Psychological Services in Kosovo Correctional Service. Since 2011. Blakaj worked as Coordinator for Mental Health in the Kosovo Correctional Service.

During his career he hold therapy sessions and evaluates the psychological state of the inmates, creating and implementing strategies of activities. He has experience in finance, coordinating administrative and field work, approving and supervises the Project of Labyrinth and managing contacts with relevant stakeholders. His activity field includes an overview and evaluating inmates conditions and an overview of all mental health activities.