DPNSEE resource centre

Sharing information, resources and experiences between actors in the field of drug policy

The DPNSEE Resource Centre aims to improve our and work of our member organisatins by facilitating and contributing to the sharing of information, resources and experiences between civil society organisations, their partners and local organisations, additionally providing useful training, practical information and services. It also aims to strengthen relationships and enhance dialogue between civil society organisations and other actors.

In this moment the Resource Centre a variety of legal documents related to drugs from the countries of South East Europe. The documents are classified by categories, countries and languages to facilitate search.

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  • Pravilnik o obliki in načinu vodjenja evidenc o prepovedanih drogah

  • Pravilnik o postopkih za izdajo dovoljenj za promet s prepovedanimi drogi

  • Pravilnik o izvajanju nadzora nad delom centrov za preprečevanje in zdravljenje odvisnosti od prepovedanih drog

  • Pravilnik o pogojih za pridobitev dovoljenja za gojenje konoplje in maka

  • Pravilnik o sestavi in načinu dela koordinacije centrov za preprečevanje in zdravljenje odvisnosti od prepovedanih drog

  • Pravilnik o tehničnih in sanitarnih pogojih ter načinu zavarovanja prostorov za hrambo in izdajanje prepovedanih drog

  • Resolucija o Nacionalnem programu na področju prepovedanih drog 2014-2020 (ReNPPD14_20)

  • Resolucija o nacionalnem programu preprečevanja in zatiranja kriminalitete za obdobje 2012-2016

  • Resolucijo o nacionalnem programu na področju drog 2004-2009 (ReNPPD)

  • Sklep o ustanovitvi Komisije Vlade Republike Slovenije za droge

  • Uredba o razvrstitvi prepovedanih drog

  • Zakon o preprečevanju uporabe prepovedanih drog in o obravnavi uživalcev prepovedanih drog

  • Zakon o proizvodnji in prometu s prepovedanimi drogami

  • Krivični Zakonik Crne Gore

  • Odluka o kontrolnoj listi za izvoz i uvoz robe

  • Odluka o mreži zdravstvenih ustanova

Coming soon -> Services the Centre will include:

  • Database with comprehensive information on each CSO and international structures and organisations in the area of drug policy
  • Database with comprehensive information about the situation in the area of drug policy in SEE countries, including information about national authorities and institutions
  • Up-to-date key international and national materials and publications on drug policy
  • Digital library with access to electronic versions of documents as well as audio-visual material in electronic format, where available
  • Collection of research documents, practical activity hand-outs, educational tools, training courses design, e-learning courses, webinars and other materials of use in CSOs and wider
  • A resource pool of experts capable to provide coaching and tailor-made support
  • Research and counselling services
  • Team of skilled professionals ready to organise events of different kind
  • Support for developing info points in CSOs in the region

Discaimer: Documents collected in Resource Centre are primarily collected on internet and does not always represent actual and current legislation.

The documents collected in Resource Center are documents that DPNSEE member organzations work with constantly, and that are collected from web sites of state institutions of countries in the region, web sites of international drug policy organizations and specialized sites for legislation.

Our intention is to continuously improve this database. We invite you to support us by sending suggestion, comments and useful documents on e-mail: resoursecenter@dpnsee.org.

Thank you for contributing to the Resource Centre.