Manifesto for the upcoming European Elections

Several European networks and organisations working in the area of drugs (DPNSEE indluding), initiated by Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network and NEWNet Enjoying Safer Nightlife, have joined forces to prepare a document that lays down a vision for a pragmatic, innovative, and human rights-centred European drug policy that will deliver healthier and safer communities and invite candidates for the Members of the European Parliament and various political parties to support it.

The Manifesto for the 2024 European Parliament Elections For a drug policy that makes Europe safer, healthier, and more just Drug Policy is available by following this link>>>.

DPNSEE has signed the Manifesto and recommends that you join us and our colleagues from around Europe in this effort.

Additionally, if you are interested in being an active campaign member, reaching out to candidates for the European Parliament, etc., please write to Marie Nougier ( and she will loop you in with the campaign core group. The group has developed a toolkit to support campaign members!