Community Manifesto for HIV Long-Acting Injectable PrEP in Europe

More than 40 global and regional civil society organisations endorsed a community manifesto calling for the introduction of long-acting injectable PrEP in Europe.

Oral PrEP has had a significant impact on population HIV incidence, especially in gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM), in high-income settings.

Oral HIV PrEP is highly efficacious when taken as prescribed, and is largely acceptable as an HIV prevention technology in those who use it. Oral PrEP has been a significant new addition to combination HIV prevention approaches, along with condoms, PEP, and treatment-as-prevention.

However, significant barriers to accessing oral PrEP remain and these barriers result in significant health inequalities. Further, taking a (daily) oral medication is not an acceptable or feasible method of HIV prevention for many who could benefit from PrEP. The development of multi-methods of PrEP will increase adherence as well as PrEP acceptability and choice, and thereby improve uptake of PrEP regionally and globally.

New formulations of PrEP have been studied, with a number of highly effective methods becoming approved for use. These include vaginal-ring formulations, and long-acting injectable PrEP. ViiV’s long-acting formulation of cabotegravir PrEP (LA-CAB) has been approved in, Australia, Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, US, and Zimbabwe and has been submitted for regulatory approval to the EMA and in over 10 countries thus far. Recent voluntary licensing agreements have been agreed, enabling generic LA-CAB to be manufactured and prescribed in over 90 countries, subject to pending regulatory approvals. However, due to a dearth of manufacturing facilities, drug stock is currently limited until new plants become fully functional in 2025.

This document results from a consensus meeting held in Paris in March 2023 between regional and international HIV prevention organisations and activists including: AIDES; AIDS Action Europe; AVAC; Coalition PLUS; EATG; Fundacja Edukacji Spolecznej; GSSG – Germany’s Charitable Foundation Sexuality and Health; and PrEPster at The Love Tank CIC.

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