Foundation of Drug Policy Network in South East Europe (DPNSEE)

Thirteen non-governmental organizations of the SEE region founded the Umbrella Organization “Drug Policy Network in South East Europe”. The organization acquired legal status by registering in the register of the competent authority (Business Registers Agency) in Belgrade. The organization is called in English “Drug Policy Network South East Europe” with the abbreviation DPNSEE. The registration of the network as a legal entity was one of the main objectives of the project “Strengthening NGO capacity and promoting public health and human rights oriented drug policy in South East Europe”. Founding members of the DPNSEE are 13 organizations from SEE countries: Aktion Plus (Albania), Margina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Viktorija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Healthy Options Skopje (HOPS), (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Diogenis ( Greece), Positive Voice (Greece), Center for Life (Greece), NGO 4life (Montenegro), Juventas (Montenegro), RHRN (Romania), ALIAT (Romania), Prevent (Serbia) and SEEA.NET (Slovenia).

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The DPNSEE will be responsible for coordinating the Network. The Board of the organization consists of 7 members elected by the general meeting of the members which is the Network’s highest decision-making body. The founding General Assembly elected the first Board and approved the action plan for 2016.


Priorities for 2016 are:

1.     Strengthening the organizational structure and governance of the Network

2.     The organization of the office and staff recruitment

3.     The tightening of links with the state authorities, institutions and agencies responsible for implementing the drug policy in SE Europe countries and

4.     The implementation of initiatives and actions in specific priority areas,  such as:

a)     Harm reduction and treatment programs

b)     Drug law reform in collaboration with the scientific community

c)     Developments in drug policy in the EU and internationally and the involvement of NGOs in decision making

d)     Capacity building through training opportunities for members of the Network

e)     Networking through the media, communication with the press and the DPNSEE website