Make Drug Policy a Priority

Press Release

On 5 December 2019, the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs (CSFD), an expert group of the European Commission, organized a seminar for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) entitled ‘The Future of European Drug Policy’.

The event comes at a time when the EU is facing significant challenges in tackling the illicit drug market. Despite the EU’s efforts to counter the drug problem, drug trafficking and production remain among the most profitable criminal activities in the region, while the health and social harms associated with drug use continue to rise, with more than 8.000 drug-related deaths reported in 2019. Drug-related issues affect millions of people within the EU, bringing with them complex health, security, social and criminal justice issues.

The expiry of the current European Drugs Strategy (2013 – 20) and Action Plan (2017 – 20) represent a key opportunity to be seized by the EU. It is a chance to review successes and failures of European drug policy and to build on the learnings and challenges from the last decade, by continuing to prioritize a drug policy approach grounded in the principles of public health and human rights.

However, civil society expressed concerns that the EU is failing to recognize the importance and cross-cutting nature of drug policy and is now deprioritizing the issue.

During the seminar, the CSFD urged MEPs to undertake the following actions: prioritize health challenges associated with drug use, uphold human rights above all, discuss ongoing debates and policy shifts associated with cannabis regulation, ensure that funding is allocated for drug-related projects beyond 2020 and consider creating an informal group of MEPs interested in European drug policy to track key developments in European drug policy.

5th Cannabis International Seminar

Research Nature Institute organizes 5th seminar in the Demystifying Cannabis cycle, Cannabis Now International Conference on October the 4th and 5th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The seminar has been organised since 2014 in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Skopje and Zagreb.

During the seminar, the Slovenian and international top-level experts on cannabis will introduce us to the most recent insights into the medical use of cannabis in different countries around the world (Israel, Canada, USA, the Czech Republic, Spain). After their lecture, they will respond to your questions in a debate. The attenders and speakers at the Conference are experts in field of medicine, psychiatry, pharmacy, chemistry and biology: Dr. Jonathan Grunfeld, Dr. Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, Prof. Dr. David Neubauer, Dr. Sue Sisley, Doc. dr. Tanja Bagar, Dr. Dorothy H. Bray, Dr. Guillermo Velasco Díez, Dr. Paul Hornby, Prof. Dr. Tamara Lah Turnšek, Mag. Dušan Nolimal, Dr. Ilya Reznik, Dr. Roman Štukelj.

Research Nature Institute

Research Nature Institute is institute for research, development and quality assurance of nature remedies, with the goal to research the efficacy and safety of natural remedies that are currently available or are of limited access to persons in need. By setting standards for quality control and standardization, providing accreditation programs, and taking part in clinical trials, their aim is to ensure natural remedies are clean (free of contaminants) and effective at known dosages to the user. Their basic work is to educate the public, medical professionals and legislators of our findings based on sound scientific methodologies and principles.

To read more details about this event follow this link>>>

Adriatic Drug Addiction Treatment Conference and Symposium on Addictive Behaviours

The South Eastern European Adriatic Addiction Treatment Network invites you to come to Budva, Montenegro‚, from 12 to 14 October 2017, to celebrate the 8th Adriatic Drug Addiction Treatment Conference and the 16th SEEA Symposium on Addictive Behaviours and to be a part of the premier addiction treatment conference in the region.

In the last few years SEEAnet has organised joint international conferences with Global Addiction Association and numerous other events in the region.  They have been included in developing treatment programmes and trainings in Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe. Knowledge and experience from SEEAnet region have been so shared internationally. Addictions continue to remain in the front of medicine and other sciences and practices as the reaction to new challenges in this field in our changing world.

The main conference topics are treatment of drug users with comorbidities and cooperation with drug prevention, harm reduction, treatment and rehabilitation programs, specially psychiatric but not at all excluding other medical, social, educational, law enforcement … services and NGOs in the region, specially Montenegro, treatment of people who use new psychoactive substances, treatment of Hepatitis C, different praxis trough the region, treatment in prisons and use of medical cannabinoides.

The registration is open and organisers are now accepting abstracts submissions on all topics of the addictions keeping registration fees on 2009 levels when the conference had been already in beautiful Budva and where you had wanted to return again.

More about the Conference is available from the SEEAnet website HERE>>>