YODA Workshop for young activists in Europe

Last week (15 – 22 May) around 30 young people from 12 countries gathered in Belgrade for another round of workshops organised by Youth Organisations For Drug Action in Europe. This time the workshops, funded by European Youth Foundation and Open Society Initiatives, focused on “Promotion of social inclusion and protection of human rights among young drug users “.  Young people came from Serbia, UK, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia and representative of the Council of Europe. 5 of them were representatives of DPNSEE member organisations Juventas, Re-Generation, Aksion Plus, HOPS and Margina.

The aim of the workshop was to analyse different aspects of human rights violations regarding young people and drugs through mentioned topics, so that official document can be drafted, addressing policy change in order to overcome different problems and prevent human rights violation in the future. Within 7-day long workshop participants were showcasing examples of human rights violations of young people protected under the European Convention on Human Rights and also compared the criminal penalties for drug offences in their countries, compared cases of young people receiving drug treatment and discussed access to drug treatment for young people who use drugs.

Association Prevent in Youth Exchange “To smart to start”

The team of brilliant young people represented Association Prevent in Youth Exchange “Too smart to start”, which was organized in Saint-Etienne in France. This was an opportunity to meet with young people from Spain, France and Albania to exchange information about the situation in the field of drugs in these countries.


During the training, great video clips were created, designed to prevent the use of psycho active substances. In Lyon a performance was made, that animated passersby to think about the dangers of drug use. Prevent’s caravan visited along the way – Postojna Cave, Verona, Monte Carlo and Trieste.

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