International Conference on Drug Regulation Models

Our colleagues from the Healthy Project Options Skopje (HOPS) and Coalition Margins are organizing International Conference on Drug Regulation Models. The Conference will be organized on 18th and 19th November 2020, online, in form of panel discussions and expert presentations. The conference is organized as part of the project “Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized […]

ESPAD Report 2019

The latest European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) report, published in collaboration with the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA), was presented on 12 November 2020. ESPAD is a collaborative network of independent research teams in over 40 European countries and the largest cross-national research project on adolescent substance use in the world. […]

Languages and notions may reflect and perpetuate societal stigma

The Scottish Drugs Forum published “Moving beyond ‘people first’ language: a glossary of contested terms in substance use“. This project sought to identify terms that are contested or commonly misunderstood. The aim has been to explain the nature of contention and, where terms may be misunderstood, account for this. Where appropriate, SDF’s own preferred use […]

A momentous day in US drug policy reform

Tuesday 3 November 2020 was the Election Day in the United States of America. The tensions of this important election threw into a shade some important decisions that were at the vote in several federal states. Important state-level votes took place on decriminalising all drugs, legalising cannabis and decriminalising psychedelics. ALL of the key votes […]

Member organisations

The Drug Policy Network South East Europe has 27 member organisations in 11 countries.

That includes ordinary, associate and honorary types of members. For more informaton about member organisations follow this link.

Resource centre

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre aims to improve our work by facilitating and contributing to the sharing of information, resources and experiences between the member organisations and other civil society organisations, their partners and local organisations, additionally providing useful training, practical information and services. It also aims to strengthen relationships and enhance dialogue between CSOs and other actors.

Glossary of terms

Glossary of terms

The Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms used in a domain of drug policy, with the definitions for those terms. It contains explanations of concepts and terms related to the field of drugs and relevant related matters. A list of abbreviation of terms and international institutions and the bodies related to theme is also attached to the glossary.

The Mission of the Drug Policy Network South East Europe is adoption of more humane and effective drug policies in SEE.