Drug Policy Network South East Europe is actively publishing useful materials related to drug policy and other topics from our areas of work.

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  • Statements

    The Drug Policy Network South East Europe aims to promote objective and open debate on the effectiveness, direction and content of the national, regional and international drug policy and to advance constructive recommendations for policy makers. The Network issues Statements to present our join views on issues of importance for drug policies. The DPNSEE statement […]

  • Open Budget Survey 2017 in SEE

    The Open Budget Survey, prepared by the International Budget Partnership (IBP), is a comprehensive analysis and survey that evaluates whether governments give the public access to budget information and opportunities to participate in the budget process at the national level. The Survey also accesses the capacity and independence of formal oversight institutions. The IBP works […]

  • Glossary of terms used in drug policy

    Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms used in a domain of drug policy, with the definitions for those terms. It contains explanations of concepts and terms related to the field of drugs and relevant related matters. We hope that it will contribute to better understanding the drug problem in a more empathic manner. The […]

  • European Union Enlargement Country Reports

    Traditionally, the European Commission adopted its annual assessment of the implementation of reforms in the Western Balkan partners and Turkey, together with recommendations on the next steps for those countries, and published its annual country reports. Accession negotiations have been opened with candidate countries Montenegro (2012), Serbia (2014), and Turkey (2005). North Macedonia is a candidate country since 2005 […]

  • Discrimination of people who use drugs in South East Europe

    The basic human rights of marginalised groups in South East Europe are violated and they are marginalised and discriminated. Stigmatisation in the society is strong and incorporated in cultural patterns. The most frequent cases of discrimination are related to stigmatization in various respects, the relationship between the police and the judicial system (including the right […]

  • Addressing the acute funding crisis facing harm reduction services in South-East Europe

    The Drug Policy Network South East Europe published the document Addressing the acute funding crisis facing harm reduction services in South-East Europe with the aim to emphasize the acute funding crisis facing harm reduction services in Balkan states and South-East Europe, to influence the policies and actions of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and […]