Acheiving a Stigma-free Health Facility and HIV Services: Resources for Administrators

The USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Health Policy Project (HPP) has led a global effort to compile and refine a coordinated package of “best practice” tools for health facilities. HPP brought together a group of international experts to review, prioritize, adapt, and synthesize existing measures and programmatic tools for stigma reduction. The resulting intervention package supports an evidence-informed response in health facilities. The package is available following this link>>>.

The “Acheiving a Stigma-free Health Facility and HIV Services: Resources for Administrators” resource guide is designed to help administrators of health facilities promote stigma-free HIV services. Globally, many people living with or perceived to have HIV experience negative attitudes and harmful actions in health facilities that undermine their health and ability to lead a productive life. However, administrators and health facility staff worldwide have taken actions demonstrating that stigma and discrimination can be addressed successfully. Stigmareduction efforts in settings as varied as Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Tanzania, and Vietnam have resulted in significant changes in health facility staff attitudes and practices, and a better quality of care for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and other key populations, such as men who have sex with men (MSM), people who use drugs, transgender people, and sex workers.

A stigma-free health facility is one in which PLHIV and other key populations are treated with respect and compassion, and provided with high-quality care. In a stigma-free facility, health facility staff members also are able to protect themselves from HIV transmission in the workplace through the use of Standard Precautions, which the World Health Organization defines as the basic level of infection control precautions for all patients. Additionally, in a stigma-free facility, health facility staff feel confident about getting tested for HIV, living with HIV, and continuing to work.

This guide is intended for facility administrators and other personnel who play a role in ensuring that policies, procedures, and available supplies promote a safe workplace for staff, and the delivery of high-quality services. Others interested in responding to stigma and discrimination within healthcare settings may also find the tools in this guide useful.

The tools in this package may be used or adapted to counter stigma and discrimination based on HIV status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and behaviors such as sex work or injecting drug use.

Acheiving a Stigma-free Health Facility and HIV Services: Resources for Administrators