Facebook: Allow For Life-saving Harm Reduction “Instructions for Non-Medical Drugs”

Facebook banned harm reduction information, in an effort to mitigate drug profiteering hurting educators and self-help communities. Banned are “instructions for use of non-medical drugs” and talk about “use of non-medical drugs unless posted in a recovery context”, which constitute the foundation of a pragmatic life-saving approach called harm reduction, designed for people who have not reached recovery but want to improve their safety already.

Polish-based network of research groups at universities Społeczna Inicjatywa Narkopolityki (Social Drug Policy Initiative – SIN), which brings together young people, students and academic staff of universities, who want to change the functioning in Poland and the world drug policy based on prohibition, launched a petition inviting Facebook to restore the removed content and secure valuable harm reduction profiles from the mercy of algorithms by changing the Community Standards and ensuring harm reduction will never be censored again. Their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SinPL is one of those banned.

DPNSEE and several our member organisations and partners have signed the petition which you can find here>>>>

At the moment when we posted this news, 936 have signed the petition. We hope it is already over 1.000!