Project team meeting

The Preparatory meeting of the “No risk, no borders for young people” project was held on 25 March 2021 in the DPNSEE Office, Pregrevica 35, Zemun, Serbia. Representatives from all project partner organisations except Margina (due to medical problems) were present. We were also joined by Ivana Markulić from the RYCO Local Branch Office Belgrade.

The meeting agenda included the following items:

  • Getting to know each other, agreeing on the methods of work
  • Introduction to the project, RYCO and the 4th Open Call
  • Deciding on details of implementation of the project (including the alternate options in accordance with the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic)
  • Selection of the winning proposal for the logo and visual identity
  • Call for young participants in the project
  • Participation of young people from Kosovo* and North Macedonia
  • Agendas and preparations for the Workshops 1 and 2
  • Agreements about trainers and experts
  • Financial arrangements and disbursements
  • Project visibility
  • Any other business

At the end of the meeting we concluded that it was a pity that our colleagues from Margina were not with us; that it was very good to meet. Whenever possible, we shall have activities together, not online; young leaders should take as much as possible leadership role in the project; it was good to have Ivana from RYCO LBO Serbia with us at the meeting; we should concentrate more on the content of the project, not only management, administration and finances; and that we hope that all those participating in the project will have benefit.