We lost Ivica

It is with our deepest sorrow that we learned of passing of Ivica Cekovski, the Executive Director of HOPS, North Macedonia.

It was a joy to work with Ivica. He was calm, nice, organised and eager to give a helping hand. He was a wonderful person who will be so sorely missed.

We join our friends from HOPS with thoughts of comfort in helping them get over the immense void left behind by the loss of our beloved colleague Ivica. Words cannot express our sorrow. Ivica will be missed.

HOPS has a new Executive Director

It is a great news to learn that the Association HOPS – Healthy Options Project Skopje has recently appointed Ivica Cekovski as the new Executive Director.

Ivica Cekovski is a person dedicated to the advancements of human rights, health and social well-being of all people, particularly for youth and marginalized communities. He received his MD degree from the Medical Faculty in Skopje and his MSc degree in International Health from the Universities in Edinburgh and Amsterdam. Over the last 17 years, he has been building his professional carrier in several civil society organizations, international networks and intergovernmental organizations. He began his engagement with HOPS in 2012 as part of our medical unit and continued to coordinate one of our drop-in centres; he later conducted several crucial nation-wide research projects and joined our advocacy team. His inputs to our work have been valuable and we are confident that now he can contribute to the development of HOPS even more.

HOPS declared that they remain dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights and liberties for the purpose of advancement of health and socio-economic status and access to justice for all people, and particularity for people who use drugs, sex workers and their families. They hope to be able to expand their collaboration with other organizations in order to contribute towards the creation of better society for all.

DPNSEE supports the approach to ensure succession in the organisation by promoting their young activists which achieved a lot of success in their recent work.

We congratulate Ivica and hope to continue good cooperation him and with this member organisation.