Providing health and social services to vulnerable groups

Our member organisation Terra from Rijeka, Croatia, held the final conference of the EU project MentoRI ˝Challenges of providing health and social services to vulnerable groups of our society˝ on 31 January 2023.

The goal of the conference was to exphasise the need for constant support for vulnerable groups in society.

The conference brought together experts from Rijeka, Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Osijek, Pula, Belgrade and Skopje. All those who in their work deal with the provision of health and/or social services to vulnerable groups of society in the region of Kvarner were welcome. DPNSEE president and Executive Director participated in one of the pannels of the conference.

The MentoRI project enabled the development of innovative social services in the community, strengthening the role of the local community in the processes of planning services at the local level, encouraging cooperation in the provision of services and combating poverty and supporting the social inclusion of target groups.